Snapshots from Manila: Day 1

alternatively called 31/365
I went to Manila from the 31st of January to the 2nd of February. My Lola, my mom, Tito Boboy and I, leaving my dad and brother behind. Kinda sucks because it was suppose to be a great family time but instead we ended up just being four of us. Our flight departed at about 11.40am and we reached about 3-ish in the afternoon. The cab ride from the airport to the hotel was mental. People in Manila drive like nutcases. I would have failed my road-test repeatedly if I took it there.

Part of the hotel lobby. I just realised that I did not actually take photos of the rooms we stayed in. I think I sent some to Helen through my phone but I forgot to use my proper camera. Anyway, we stayed at Eurotel in Malate. The rooms were alright, enough for sleeping in but nothing else. The good thing about Eurotel is the fact that it’s right across from the mall.

If I’m not wrong, it’s called Robinsons

The view from the entrance of Eurotel.

Jeepneys lined up outside the mall
Part of how the mall was decorated for Chinese New Year

We had lunch at Classic Cuisine, eating proper Filipino food. Just so you know, Filipino food tends to consist of pork, vinegar and salt. Those will feature highly in the following pictures.

My Lola studying the menu like she’s gonna sit for an exam
See, that’s pork.
If I remember correctly, this is Dinuguan
Crispy Pata aka crispy pork

We ended up meeting with my second cousins AKA the most awkward thing for me because I do not know them, nor do I speak Tagalog. We took them for a sushi buffet and my mom, grandma and uncle made small talk while I stared at the ceiling and other interesting details. Awkward turtle much. Tito Boboy felt bad for me so we went round the mall while the rest stayed and had their dinner.

TARDIS shelf! They sold DW items but I didn’t get any. Kinda regretting now.
Japanese antiques shop
Art Gallery pieces- surprised the lady didn’t stop me from taking pictures

After that we went back to the hotel and crashed. Long day, long flight and I was beat. The internet at Eurotel was reasonable, so I could stream Elementary from my room. hahaha


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