Nothing like hearing how sad your parents are on the phone to make you cry. I was feeling like crap because of the usual stress, but having spoken with my mom, I’m sitting here crying. I do miss them, but most of all, I miss being able to hug them when they’re having a hard day. I’m one of those kids who comes from a relatively lower middle class family. They give all they can for my education and have to slog so hard. Today was one where there were hardly any patients in my dad’s clinic (though he serves a few thousand workers) and my mom was generally defeated because of the housework she comes back to and the fact that she works about 12 hours a day at the clinic. I used to do the ironing and cleaning during my break to ease her burden, I’d even cook. But now I’m so far away and there’s no one to help her, to help them. I hate being this helpless.

It would help if there were more patients instead of having the administrative people hate on my dad because he’s not the doctor they had in mind for the position (the previous Managing Director hired my dad while the other people in the company wanted another guy). But there aren’t and it’s heartbreaking.

I need to cry it out a bit here. I miss them, I love them and I just want it to get better.


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