my biggest fan



Did I already use that title?

So, I have not forgotten about this NY Resolution. I just had an insane few days. I was in Manila 48 hours ago, and now I’m in Johor Bahru. In the past 24 hours I have been a flurry of emotions: cranky, sad, angry, depressed, sobbing on the floor, tired. It wasn’t pretty. I cried when I left home yesterday and cried a few good times after that. Aaron drove me down to JB at 3pm and we only arrived at 8.45pm. I was teary most of the way and broke down sobbing in my apartment.

The first thing my awesome brother did was go lie down on the couch and watch TV while I unpacked and tried to do stuff. I spent a lot of time trying to calm myself down and get into things but I was miserable. I am not quite as screwed up right now though. Aaron left at 10am today and my housemate, Joyce popped up with her parents and boyfriend around 11, so I had someone to distract me from my sadness. After helping them sort her stuff out, we went for lunch and then took a trip to the uni-campus here. We managed to get a peek at our groupings and schedule. I got Surgical for my first semester, so I’m feeling a little bit better because I think that would be a it more exciting. So that lifted my mood a quite a bit.

Eugene moved in around 2 something. The poor guy was accompanied by his friend, sans parents. He was likely feeling as overwhelmed as I did. We helped him out too, then we went to both TESCO and GIANT (plus Courts for Eugene cause he wanted to buy a new study table) to get some groceries and other things.

My favourite part of this bit of our trip is bumping into Owen AKA Wen-Wen in TESCO. It was so good to see him again after all these years. I didn’t think I’d be lucky enough to bump into him this early but God must have had a play in that.

I think I chipped part of the glue that holds in my lower retainer, just a bit, over dinner. I doubt I’ll have to get it fixed just yet, the retainer will still hold.

I used FaceTime and Skype for the first time and spoke to my family. I felt so much better after that. It’s nice seeing them even though we spent a good long time trying to get both sides to work efficiently. Skype has refused to help me out but FaceTime works perfectly, thank goodness. I think it’ll be daily calls on my part. I can’t help it, I love my family. This might change once classes start but for now, I’m glad for technology. 🙂

Tomorrow is the first day of orientation. Pray that it goes well.

P.S. Manila pictures and blogging will be up as a work in progress. I am way too beat to try to figure all of it out right now. Rest assured, lots of snaps were taken.


3 thoughts on “my biggest fan

  1. I know this isn’t the main point of this post but HOW did you chip the glue on your retainer?!?!?!? Isn’t that stuff super heavy duty or something? Mine is wearing down though, Dr J told me that he’d ‘top up’ the glue behind my two front teeth when I see him next.

    Also, settling in takes time. Try not to worry about it. OH OH OH now that you have a Mac we can FaceTime! I think! YAY!


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