The company my dad’s clinic is contracted to called him this evening to tell him he has to work tomorrow. at fricking 5.30pm. We were suppose to go to Manila. Frick everything this is the worst possible crap ever. I can’t stop crying. Frick this. I hate those people and hope they have a miserable weekend. I won’t wish death on them because that’s just cruel but let them be miserable during Chinese New Year because they’re the reason my father can’t come with us. One holiday, that’s all I’m asking for. We haven’t had one in forever. He never gets to go anywhere because of his fricking job and we planned this one ages ago. We had things planned, we have the hotel and flight tickets paid for. I was going to spend a good time with my family before I leave but these tools have nothing else to do but call him in. NO ONE IS FRICKING WORKING at the FRICKING factory tomorrow. NO ONE. WHAT THE ACTUAL FRICK. I hate them so much right now. I can’t stop crying.

everything is wrong.


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