It’s a Friday, and the second last Friday before I leave home. ugh. Anyway, I was thinking that I’d do a FOLLOW FRIDAY thing that people do on Twitter but instead, I’ll do it for blogs. That makes total sense right?

I’m not going to do one of personal blogs that I follow because I do have my blogroll HERE but the other more.. well, less personal?-ish? Oh i don’t know. Here are my top 10:

A Beautiful Mess– LOTS of DIY stuff, design ideas and tips for anyone wanting to try something out.

Humans of New York– HONY is great because his pictures really capture people being themselves. It’s so honest, it’s refreshing.

This Isn’t Happiness– Every time I look at this blog, I feel like I’m at an art shop because things range from the bizarre to the thought provoking. Viewer discretion advised because there may be nude-art or triggers for suicidal tendencies/ depression.

ThatFandomType– AHmazing typography. She’s an Indonesian born art-grad student and her work is beautiful. I have actually posted one of her videos here last year. InspiredlyInsane is her personal blog. By the way, free shipping worldwide till this Sunday from her Society6 store.

Amanda Jane Jones blog– She’s been pretty quiet lately being a new mom and all, but her photography and typography are my favourite. You must check out her My Better Half tag.

the ModCloth blog– If I had a lot of money, I would be buying my entire wardrobe from ModCloth. Their 60’s inspired clothes (inspired, not derived!) are gorgeous and they cater to all body types. But anyway, their blog is filled with design ideas, fashion, inspiration boards from other times and the ModCloth dogs. 🙂

Creature Comforts– This is the blog that inspired my Christmas wrapping ideas. I love her DIY tag and her artwork, so, so pretty in that children’s book kind of way.

Tumblnoodl– I really like this girl(? I think it’s a girl)’s artwork and drawings. Nothing fandom-specific, there are but her random sketches are darling.

Big Girls Small Kitchen– THE blog for cooking when you’re just starting out.

Verily Magazine– Sure, I get a hardcopy every other month, but they update their site pretty regularly.

So there you go, my 10 blog that I follow regularly. Take a look and see if anything strikes your fancy.


Follow Friday

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