My new “home”

19/365- The main entrance
19/365- A better interior view from our “balcony”
19/365- view from the left of the balcony, spot the hospital
19/365- Hospital
19/365- view straight out of the balcony
19/365-the common area between all 3 rooms
19/365- Living Room
19/365- Kitchen
19/365- my little desk that came in the room with all my crap on top of it
19/365- I replaced the old curtain with my new one that I bought today
19/365- The window+my bed for the next 2 years

My dad came along today but he wasn’t the picture of civility, let’s just say that. So at 5am, we moved the things from my mom’s car to my dad’s. Aaron still didn’t come and frankly there wasn’t any space in the car for him after the amount of things we stuffed into it. So, Lola, my parents and I left for JB at 6am and reached about 10-ish. It was a relatively smooth drive and I brought along one of my favourite Sarah Dessen books “Along for the Ride” to keep me company. I actually like how the apartment looks. Today is my first time seeing it and I was genuinely surprised to see it in good condition. So, yay.

I had to fix up the internet connection because it wasn’t working when my housemates were here during their separate visits. I ended up gashing my arm on the side of the TV cabinet, so, yeah, blood sacrifice has been spilled to “appease the gods”. We’re the weird people who name their Wifi after a form of yeast. My bed was vacuumed clean and so was my room (yes, we brought a vacuum down, 300+km) and a trip to the store to get new pillows and a curtain for me room was made. I forgot to take a photo of my view from my room’s window. We shall save that for when I actually move in.

I am exhausted. The drive back was over an hour extra compared to the drive down because other people must have taken a 3 day weekend. I can’t even think coherently because I am hungry yet too lazy to actually get something to eat. I am going to crash now. So much work done in a single day, my parents will be really tired when they wake up for work.

And Helen, I do apologise about mass today. I promise I’ll “attend” next week. You have this promise in “writing” now. 🙂


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