I am feeling so sad right now, I cannot even figure out what to put in my ‘Jar of 365 Good Things’. I am going to JB tomorrow to put in a bunch of things and my heart is so heavy. Funnily enough, it’s not because of how real things have become (two weeks!) but because my dad chooses to throw a tantrum today. He isn’t coming tomorrow and nor is my brother. I didn’t expect to feel this upset about it but I do. Heck, this is a big deal for me, moving away, shouldn’t you be there every step of the way? My housemate came over to drop off my keys and keycard and it felt like such a contrast seeing her family and boyfriend so cheery and pepped up even though they have been driving all day. This is one of those times that I will not miss when I move: the cranky parent. I just feel like crying over something so pointless. I hate how something as crappy as this always happens.

Oh well. What can I do but bear with it, maybe cry a bit tonight. Tomorrow I have a long day of cleaning and rearranging my life. I am just sorry that it’s something my dad and brother would not be a part of.


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  1. Hugs. I know how you feel about the whole cranky parent thing – experienced it today as well and I couldn’t help thinking, “I can’t wait to get back to Aussie where I don’t have someone breathing down my neck all the time!” Felt horrible for thinking that, though. :\ It’ll be okay. I hope the move goes well 🙂


    1. Thank you for understanding. When they/he/she gets that way, I feel this twinge of THANK GOODNESS I WILL NOT HAVE TO BEAR THIS FOR MUCH LONGER. which of course comes with the major regret/guilt trip. Guess that’s pretty normal, huh? HUGS.


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