I have no idea what to title posts anymore


I am kinda proud of myself because I have lasted 17 days. hahah I have not broken any of my resolutions so far (though I have not blogged about cooking. I end up eating it too fast, so I don’t take photos. hah). But in light of my move, I am very unlikely to be cooking anything new starting from next month. Maybe I’ll just cut it down to trying 25 new recipes this year? Seems more manageable.

Anyway, that photo is just a few random things I own. The Allison Argent, Louis Litt and Lydia Martin pins, my new favourite textbook:PATHOLOGY, my new Sharpies and my favourite thing to use in greeting cards: glitter! I bought a bunch of stationery for my time at class this year and that made me very happy. A whole lot of stuff in my mom’s car for when I go down on Sunday. I look forward to snapping pictures of my new “home”. Everything is becoming so real, so quick, TWO WEEKS MORE. Gah. But at least I have a trip to Manila with my family during the Chinese New Year break. 🙂

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