My Lola got me that in November and I have only started using it for about 2 weeks (yes, it’s pink). How many apps have I downloaded? One: Twitter. I’m still figuring it out. According to my mom, we’re probable changing our service provider, so I have not bothered to install anything else. But I wanted to get some input from people who bother to read this: what apps should I get? Because I’m actually kinda lost right now.

Anyway, I did some more shopping for my first apartment today and my mom just casually mentioned that she’d miss me a whole lot because she won’t have anyone to accompany her places. Like, no one to go to mass with, no one to go to malls with, no one to help her with banking. I am going to miss the little things so much. I’ll miss going to watch a movie with my brother every other week, I’ll miss spending time with my mom, I’ll miss my stupid dogs, I’ll miss having to repeat myself to my dad who’s hard of hearing. I’m going to miss every bit of it. SIGH.

My two housemates and I had a discussion via FB about house rules and things got a little tense. One of my housemates has a boyfriend who regularly stays with her and her family so, she said that it’s likely that he’ll be spending some time at our apartment down in JB. My other housemate, a guy, said that he’s not entirely comfortable with people staying over. So, at one point, there were two separate discussions going on: one with the three of us, another with me and my guy housemate because he requested back-up. I really don’t know how I feel about having my friend’s boyfriend stay over. I like the guy, he’s nice. In the end, we came to agreement that no strangers were allowed, no one that all 3 of us wouldn’t be comfortable with. There’s going to be a huge lesson in patience and compromise this year, I can just feel it.

So much to think of, so little time. I’m terrified of Year 3. I know that’s a recurring theme here but I am. First time being away, first time hanging out in the hospital a lot, first time being “independent”. yikes.

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  1. Pretty phone and it’s pink!!!!!!! Welcome to the Telepon Pintar club, at last 😀 For starters, Facebook HAHAHA no seriously FB can wait. Instagram!!! Post moar lovely photos of everything!!! Vscocam!!! For making lovely phone photos even more lovely!!! and…. whatsapp!!! You can still use your current number and log out, then log in later on with a new number (i think i think). DROPBOX! Cloud storage is a lifesaver.

    I don’t think your housemate’s boyfriend can be considered as “stranger”, right? Also is your apartment out of campus grounds, seeing that it has no regular dorm rules?

    AND SORRY FOR EXCESSIVE !!!!!!!!!! MARKS !!!!!1



    Had no idea you got a smartphone! 🙂 It’s pretty. Don’t get the Tumblr app because it’ll just be the downfall of academic life as we know it (I installed it then uninstalled it last year and just re-installed it because it’s the holidays). Get Whatsapp, maybe Viber if you think you’re going to use it, Google Maps if you don’t already have it, and maybe a weather app if you think it’ll come in handy 🙂


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