so CNY came early for me

I am part of that weird family that buys Yee Sang and eats it wayyyy before Chinese New Year. I like Yee Sang, shoot me.


Today was a relatively good day because I woke up at 4am and talked to Helen while waiting for my Sherlock livestream to start and during the episode. It was a good episode and I DID NOT CRY WOOHOO. But apart from that, I didn’t do anything else which isn’t a good thing.

I shall be better tomorrow. haha.

4 thoughts on “so CNY came early for me

  1. If I could create my own yee sang. It would be full of nothing but wakame seaweed, more wakame, sesame, lots of ’em, and salmon sashimi. I’ve decided those must be the secret recipe ingredients. Yep. The perfect yeesang 😀


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