I really like the way my dog just collapses after we go out for a walk. I don’t even take her that far and she comes back and plops on the floor like she’s walked across the desert. Taking Lulu round a few rows of houses is tiring because she’s so excited to be out that she basically speed walks. I would have jogged but I had my phone in my pocket, and I would rather not let it fall out. I think if I actually walk her on a daily basis, properly, I’ll have fantastic legs by the time I move to JB. Not Lucy Liu legs (honestly, have you seen how great her legs are? Sorry, is this getting weird?) but reasonably toned ones. Walking with those damn Skechers “Tone Ups” really work your muscles. Maybe I should make it a thing.

Yes, it will be a thing. I’m going to miss her a whole lot when I move, so spending more time with her is a good idea. And I get to build up some stamina for those 3-4 hour ward rounds starting next month (ugh).

ANYWAY, yesterday, I said that 2014 has turned out to be pretty okay. And it has proven itself once again: the credit card fraud issue with PayPal has been resolved and we’ll be getting our money back. God is good. and this year hasn’t been a complete pain so far. I am hopeful.


I can post pictures of my dog because this is my blog

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