Things I think about when I’m walking home in the heat

Otherwise known as Grace Write Long Titles for Blog Posts


So, I had to walk back from the same place I did a few weeks ago. That’s about 30 minutes, with the temperature of about 28/29/30 degrees Celcius? Am I complaining? Yes. BUT I wasn’t crying on the way back, so this is a definite plus.

When I walking and evading oncoming traffic, while keeping in mind that snatch thieves are rampant and that I could get kidnapped or murdered, my mind wandered to a few things:
1. How does Sherlock S3 end?
Yes, yes, silly things to think about. But I can’t help it. I’m a natural overthinker, especially when it comes to shows that I really like. If Mary Morstan dies, I will cry my eyes out on Monday. I hate crying at Sherlock endings. It’s ridiculous how much of it I do.

2. Does SPF50 really work?
I used this lotion that’s suppose to have SPF50 and blocks UVA/UVB rays. Supposedly. But honestly, how do we know that these things work? It’s not that easy for me to tell because I’m already tan. I didn’t feel my skin burn up, so I guess that’s a good thing. I spent almost over an hour in the sun, because my turn around the driving school indoor obstacle-course-hill-parking-thingamajig was about 11 something in the morning, and in Malaysia, that means the sun is up. And kicking. So, yeah, that 20 minutes in the car and the 30 minute walk. I think I might be tanner. How do you know if the SPF really works?!

3. I need to put in a mass intentions request.
Well, before my exam, I was jittery like.. a jitter bug (are those real things?). So, I did what I do best and call on a higher power. Catholics (and Anglicans, maybe?) ask St. Jude to pray for us when it comes to impossible things. I’m one of the more useless Catholics, so I asked him to interceed on something so small like my driver’s license exam. But in my defense, it’s a big thing to me. Seeing as I passed, I’m taking it as a sign of his intervention.

I am not shitting you, these prayers work. Like, how else do you explain me getting in to Year 3? St. Joseph of Cupertino, the go-to saint when it comes to passing exams. Look him up!

4. 2014 hasn’t been too bad lately.
I shot a gun. I passed my driver’s license exam. It’s been okay. Sure, credit card fraud is still looming on us but I think we managed to prevent further damage to our bank account. 2014.. not too bad so far. 🙂

Here’s my photo for the day:


Helen, if you’re reading this, LULUS means PASS and GAGAL means FAIL.You should tell me what the words for that are in Irish.

I PASSEDDDDD. I am relieved of this horrible burden. THANK GOD.


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