Do you know when my favourite time of year is? It’s New Year’s Eve. It’s not really New Year’s Day but New Year’s Eve. There’s this sense of… hope and trepidation. There’s excitement in the air. You may not always see it but you can feel it bubbling somewhere beneath the surface. The 31st of December is a working day. People go into the office, people get stuck in traffic but still, there’s magic as people wait for the new year.

A lot of times in the previous 12 months, there may have been moments of sadness, moments that break you up inside but on this single day, there is HOPE: hope that there is something good ahead, hope that we can forgive ourselves for the mistakes of last year, hope that we can laugh more, hope that there will be time spent with loved ones. I love that feeling of promise. And I should like to think that everyone feels that way too.

Have a Happy New Year, my dear readers. May 2014 be everything you hope for, may amaze you in every way. God bless.


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