blue, blue christmas

my haul!

DSCN1352 DSCN1350

The standard look for the presents- self wrapped.
and here’s EVERYTHING. 20 presents in all.
Discworld “HOGFATHER” reference
My mom and I went and got me a new wallet because mine was fraying. So yup, this is what I was “surprised” by today.

Christmas is a time for family, a time to remember the birth of Jesus (woohoo!) but here I am feeling a bit worn out. The days leading up to the arrival/ invasion of my home by my extended family on my mom’s side, I was basically in charge of most of the preparations. I got parts of the house ready, I did some of the dessert preparations and wrapped the presents. It’s exhausting. Today itself was exhausting.

I love my family, I admit that. But sometimes I question my mother’s strategies when it comes to having a party. I am one of those people who take party planning very seriously, ever since I was kid. I actually made my own invitations, I set an itinerary. Maybe that’s why I haven’t had a birthday party since I was 10. I hate having to participate in a day when events are not organised, especially when I’m part of the ‘hosting team’. I am in no way annoyed with my family for waking up any time they like, they had a long flight and a long Christmas Eve, so by all means, sleep in. But the sudden appearance of my Lola’s best friend and HER family ticked me off a bit because they came at 9.30am when everyone was still in pyjamas. Yes, I’m probably PMSing or something but I got a bit miffed. Strangers, in your home, while you’re in jammies. The nerve.

But the day improved, I guess. We collected the ham and the lamb, made a bunch of other things, people ate, there was cake. It was alright. I’m glad they liked the gifts though, it took a while sorting out nice things for everyone. I’m glad that I did not get some ridiculously small item of clothing that would not fit, forcing me to smile and pretend that I’m happy about getting it, as always. I got a little travel bag for toiletries from my Tito and Tita, which is quite sensible.

Okay, okay, I’m feeling a bit crummy because .. well, I don’t really know. I don’t do well with people.


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