It has been a busy time for me in the past 2 days. Well, busier than usual anyway. I managed to go to IKEA (insert choir of angels singing here) yesterday to get some of the stuff needed to redecorate the house. I’ll post some pictures of the bauble shaped coasters my mom and I bought, I just realised I forgot to take a photo of those. Anyway, among our other purchases was one of those pinwheel-type cookies cutters, a glass ‘whiteboard’ and a stick-on-wall-thingy grandfather clock. I was thinking of getting these lights that looked like modern art angels but those were a bit too costly. We’ll have to go back there to get the clock for the stick-on-wall-thingy grandfather clock because the clock my mom wanted to use at home completely did not match the “feel” of the wall. We’re putting up the glassboard tomorrow so I’ll snap pictures of that then. For now, here’s the process of the stick-on-wall-thingy:


this may say ages 8 and above can put this up but i’d like to see my 8 year old cousin try.
The guidelines. I count 7 main pieces, and then two small bits for the “legs”


DSCN1125 DSCN1126

Finished product.

And because it’s December, I spent a few hours today doing some Christmas Tree decorations shopping. The theme this year will be purple+gold, unlike the usual red+gold of the years past. We have a bunch of gold baubles and decorations so I got a few purple ones. Naturally prices were not cheap so my mom and I decided to buy a few first and see how many we need for later. The tree will be up probably by the end of this week. I still need to paint part of the metal window grills first before I can put up the curtains again and then, I’ll get to the tree. But we did put up the Christmas wreath, so here’s pictures of the regular one:

It doesn’t match my theme but it’s pretty so, let’s pretend it does.

DSCN1154 DSCN1155

Here are the pictures of some of the purple decorations brought to you by:

TANGS! I bought them from the decorations area in Empire Shopping Gallery, in case anyone was wondering.
My “haul”

DSCN1183 DSCN1186 DSCN1189

So yeah, that’s been my weekend. This is likely to be the most amount of pictures I have put up in one post on my blog. So, here are two more just for kicks.

Probably my favourite picture of Tiny in a really long time.
Yes, I did that to her. She wasn’t pleased.

I’ll be waking up early to finish the painting tomorrow. LONG week ahead.


tick tick tick, boom

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