DIY Paint job

So, I mentioned previously that I would be painting the living room, the dining room and that bit before the kitchen. It was suppose to be 2 different shades of gray but somehow they turned out looking alike. I guess the living room does not get as much sunlight as I would like. It’s all topsy-turvy but hopefully you’ll agree that the fresh coat of paint improves the place.

Naturally, the light does not look like that all the time. I removed the glass. Note the “masking tape” on the wall
home 2
the BEFORE shot of the living room

home 3

home 4
BOOM. Advertising.

home 5

home 6
Light Pewter. Supposedly.
home 7
Part of the living room after the painting
the BEFORE shot of the dining area
the BEFORE shot of the bit before the kitchen
now you see why I said needs a coat of paint.
home 8
Advertising.. again
home 9
the AFTER shot of the dining area: I think I did a reasonable job taping over that fan
home 11
the AFTER shot: That’s how the lights look like and that’s how the paint looks like in the sunlight. Note the scuff marks on the ceiling.
home 10
the AFTER shot of the wall between the kitchen and the other area. Paint still drying hence the shine at some parts.
home 12
The ever helpful dog, giving moral support from the couch.

I’m thinking of changing up the living room in the next few weeks. And of course, Christmas decorations will come out soon! 🙂 I am exhausted from all that painting yesterday, and I had a driving class this morning(!) but that was the best thing I’ve done during this break.


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