SO, I did not receive any emails from the admin staff today so I believe I can safely say that I did not qualify for supplementary papers. This can mean 2 things: I am clear to proceed to Year 3 OR I have completely failed and will not be moving on. I hope it’s a YES YOU CAN GO ON reply in December, when final results are out. I won’t overthink anything right now because there is nothing I can do but leave things in the hands of the Lord. Thank you to those who beamed me kind thoughts and prayers in the last 24 hours or so, I am truly grateful.

Tomorrow I start my driving classes all over again. I don’t particularly look forward to it but it’s something I need to get over with. 3 days of classes this weekend and then another 2 in the next two weeks (if I don’t require additional lessons). Wish me luck. I do hope driving a manual car is like riding a bike, that it’s something that never quite leaves you.

What else shall I be doing during this break? Painting the living room and the dining room for one. Christmas decorating, redecorating the house, learning to cook singlehandedly and perhaps finally touching that guitar that has been sitting in the corner of my room for quite a while. I have decided to spend a bit more time writing this time round so, hopefully, there will be regular updates here.

I feel better right now. I just hope to wake up tomorrow with a positive attitude.


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