I got annoyed staring at the cases of CDs at the giant desk we place our desktop on so I went through every single CD to decide which I should keep and which should be thrown away. Those pictures above are of those I’m disposing. Who knew that stacks of CDs photograph well?

Going through every CD was … well, a trip down memory lane. I stored some photographs from Form 1 + Form 2 on a couple. I had old fanfiction on another. I had the soft copies of the Annual Report and other documents from ACE UNITED ENTERPRISE (a company I was a part of during Form 4). I had anime series, Karin, Last Exile, Shuffle!, Blood+, burned into some.

My favourite part was going through the songs my brother and I have listed, our own “mix CDs” so to speak. Aaron has the most eclectic taste. There was Epica, Rammstein, Kamelot, Madonna, T-Pain, Lordi and Cradle of Filth in one CD. There was J-pop with Riverdance music. There was a whole album by Puffy AmiYumi. One CD has Bon Jovi, ABBA, Kamelot again, Weird Al and Rod Stewart.

Yeah, I know. We’re weird. It was fun though, blasting each track to check what was on the CD to see if it was worth keeping. I was tempted to keep all of them just because, but Aaron called me a hoarder. So, yeah, a total of 85 CDs are going to be sent to the trash. Or the recycling bin. Can you recycle CDs?


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