Rubbish in bed

Believe me, I am. 

Now, that was a very coy way to catch one’s attention but I do have this absolutely bonkers story to tell you.

Last week, the A/C unit’s “on and off button” in my room popped off the wall, so I was faced with the prospect of sleeping in my room with only a fan. Before, you think I’m completely prissy, it was so effing hot. I did try to get some sleep, I really did. But the room was so hot even with the fan up to it’s maximum speed.

What’s a girl to do?

Sleep in my brother’s room of course. Aaron is lucky enough to have this massive room that he shares with my grandmother (when she’s here for a visit, anyway), so there are 2 beds. He goes to bed at the weirdest hours in the morning and has this awful habit of turning off the A/C AND the fan at 4am.

Anyway, the first night I was there, I woke up to something wiggling around my bed. I swear to God my heart stopped. I was so terrified of it being a rat. Something big and warm over my blanket.. my mind was racing. So, I took a deep breath and peeked over the sheet I had placed over my head.

It was Max.

I was so relieved. I had forgotten that he shares the room with my brother. I mean, I let him in for the night and I forgot that he was there. Plus, I didn’t expect him to make himself comfortable in my covers either. 

Crisis averted.

2 nights ago, the same thing happened, once I moved back to my room. I woke up because I felt something in my bed. But when I looked, I didn’t see a thing, so I chalked it up to me being overly paranoid. I went to the loo and stood outside my door, calming myself before I stepped back in. The minute I opened the aforesaid door, I saw giant ears sticking out of my bed. I screamed my head off at 1.35am. Aaron came bounding up the stairs panicked.

Again, it was Max. This time in my room, in my bed. 

The poor thing was so startled by my scream he shot out of my bed and ran down the stairs. He refused to come back in even though I tried coaxing him. I had forgotten that I brought his little bed into my room and told him to sleep in it when I got into my own. Little did I know, he would pull the same stunt and make himself comfortable in my blanket.

I clearly cannot share a room with anything. I doubt Max would be tempted to share a bed with me either, though cuddling up to the wires under the computer desk seems like a good idea to him.

*you DO know that Max is my dog, right?


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