Things I have learned this week

1. People are amazed when you suddenly wear something that they do not expect, specifically something that could be dubbed fashionable. I own a pink blazer and I wore it for a presentation (it accounted for 10% of my final grade, okay?) only to receive shocked faces and compliments over how great the overall outfit looked. Just because I don’t dress up.. ever.. doesn’t mean I can’t. I have nice clothes stashed on the rack. I’m just far too lazy to bother thinking about what I wear to class because frankly, nobody gives a damn. I don’t go to class for a fashion show. Sure, I admire people who bother with doing their make-up, hair, nail etc but I’m just way too laid back for that.

2. KokoKrunch is awesome. There is no denying that. I find that Honey Stars has waned a bit through the years but KokoKrunch is still as awesome. Frosties too. Stop judging my sugary-cereal addiction. You know you enjoy it too.

3. I don’t take change well. So, Matt Smith is retiring his role as the Eleventh Doctor on Doctor Who and I can’t help but feel so sad about it. Believe me, I cry every single time I hear Vale Dacem (the theme for Ten’s regeneration). I will send Moffat hate mail if he makes Eleven’s regeneration heartbreaking. (If this ‘nerd/geeky/whatever it’s characterised as’ side is new to you, clearly we don’t know each other that well)

4. People think you’re weird if you swim the circumference of the pool. I went swimming yesterday and I was one of two people in the Olympic sized pool, so I swam the periphery because I could. I swear, the other guy kept staring at me. I can swim any way I like, damn it!

5. I need to change cellphone lines. You see, about 2/3 weeks ago, my cell line didn’t work and so there was this big drama because my brother couldn’t reach me when he came to get me after class, and I didn’t know until a friend of mine came back to the university looking for me because my mom called him from home. It was chaotic. A similar situation happened on Thursday this week, except this time I made it out on time. 

6. I was wrong about The Great Gatsby. I swear, I tried to read it when I was in Form 3 but I couldn’t get past the first few pages. I picked up the book after watching the movie last week (and the movie was exceptional) and found it terribly readable. Clearly, I must have picked up the wrong book when I was in school. I mean, I don’t remember the book being the same way at all. I doubt movie-magic could possibly improve a book that much. F. Scott Fitzgerald didn’t use complicated words or hard-to-understand English. I mean, I got through Jane Austen novels in their original form, so this was freaking easy.

7. Patrick Stewart is awesome. Just read this: HERE. I teared up. But don’t trust my judgement, I’m extremely emotional.

8. I need to work up the guts to get a haircut. I should get bangs. What do you think?


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