I acknowledge the fact that this is going to come off really creepy but:

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie on someone’s life? No, I don’t mean STALKING them, I mean, watching a movie. Just stop and think about it. Have you ever met or read of someone who’s inspiring or has this attractive quality about them that you’d just like to know what their life must be like.

Clearly, nothing I say is going to make this sound any less creeper-ish. I know it sounds perverse or just weird, but there are people who are amazing to me that somehow, I find that they’re almost fictional. How do I explain this?

okay, you know how when you pick up a book or watch a show, it opens with a great character. Or at least A character that intrigues you. That’s the reason you keep watching or reading.. you want to see where this goes, you want to know how things turn out, you enjoy learning more about this person. That’s how I feel about some people in real life, people who aren’t my friends. I don’t mean celebrities that live high profile lives. They are just so many ‘normal’ people that you walk past every day or people who’s blogs you read that appeal so much to you that you just want to know what makes them tick.

Right. That came off creepy too.

But do you get what I’m saying? Perhaps I’m the only person in the universe who feels like this. i can’t express this properly.

Maybe that’s what making friends is suppose to be about: discovering this appealing character and learning more about them each day. But it’s different, you know?

or maybe you don’t. 


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