This was the last thing I thought would ever scare me.

If you were here when I first started publishing posts online, you’d know that I enjoy those “self discovery quizzes. I used to do tonnes of them and post the results on my blog because I was 14/15 and very naive: “What Breed of Dog Would You Be?”, “What does your writing say about you?”, “What sort of personality do you have?”; I’ve done them all. Sometimes I was an INTJ, sometimes I was a INFJ. I loved nothing more than the feeling you get when you’re about to click “VIEW RESULTS”.

Now, I have this one quiz in front of me that I will fill out on paper.
This one quiz that may determine my whole life and where I’m going.

I am terrified.

What if what I get means I need to change everything? What if it’s the answer I need but not the one that would please my family? What if I get the answer but I’m too afraid to leap?

The minute I saw this in my inbox, I turned off the window and pretended it didn’t happen. But my appointment is next week and I need to fill this up one way or another. I have never felt more alone or scared in my life.


L or D

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