If you had told me on this day last year that I would be sitting at my desk, typing in Microsoft Word at 2.33 am, wearing my Christmas present, I would have laughed at you. Well, perhaps not ‘laugh’ but I’d be very amused. You see,  at the start of last year, I did not stay up well past midnight and spend time online. But all of that changed when the Fire Nation attacked ignore that when I discovered that I could bear to stay up.

I am awake at 2.33am without the Internet (because my brother turned it off ten minutes ago on his way up) in the cardigan I got for Christmas, over my day clothes, my hair up in a ponytail and shockingly, wearing a hairband. I feel like a whimsical character in a angsty teen movie. Or perhaps, the wise cracking wallflower in a college movie. Heck, I have a playmix in the background to give this writing a montage-y feel.

I couldn’t sleep because I stayed up to watch a webseries that releases it’s videos at 1am (!). I watched it and now I’m up. I won’t lie and say that my eyes are not tired. I am sleepy, yet not really at the same time. I felt the urge to write and so, here I am.

I cleaned my room five minutes ago. I actually dusted off the surfaces of books and my table is actually neat. You know how you get that strange feeling like you should be cleaning things at inappropriate hours ie: before you go to bed, when you randomly wake up at night, during your study-time before a major exam? I gave into the feeling and so I cleaned, while listening to Dawn Mitschele (who you should check out because I say so).

I am thinking of throwing out all my old notes.

Really, they’re all in a pile in the bookshelves I have in my room. I have yet to refer to any of them because they’re rubbish and scribbled badly. I don’t know if I would recognise what I wrote in them if I did take a look. I have slightly less than 2 months before classes resume in March. I promised my counselor that I would ‘sharpen’ my mind with the information I am suppose to have retained in 2012. I think the only way I will succeed in doing that is by throwing out most, if not all, my notes and listen to the Australian lectures online and.. start again. I feel like that.

I got rid of a few things I had on my magnetic board (I wanted to get one of those corkboards but my mom decided that I would punch in more holes and it would ultimately break down) namely my midsemester results from last year, the face of a man I admire and a signed message from a previous tutor. I didn’t throw the last one or the first away of course, they’re tucked in my memory box along with the Christmas cards I received from good friends overseas. I didn’t remove them for any particular reason; it’s not like I hated looking at those papers. I just wanted to clean up.

I like this cardigan-sweater thing. It’s cozy. I feel like a TA or a junior professor in it. It’s very ‘old-man-ish’ but I like it. Then again, I’m quite a ‘old-man-personality’ myself. No?

I’m waking up slightly earlier than I normally would during the holidays because I’m going out for a hot bowl of soup tomorrow. I like soup, with or without noodles. There is something comforting about it. Or just awesome.

I’ve been rereading storybooks these past few days. I am actually starting on Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy by John LeCarre. It’s one of my brother’s favourite books by one of his favourite authors. I’m surprised to find it quite readable; the language isn’t hard and the imagery isn’t complicated. But of course, I still have my favourites to go back to. I ate my lunch on my room floor, attempting to flip a page while holding a burger in one hand and a What Happened to Goodbye in the other; I managed to after a while. New skill!

I don’t really know where I am going with this post. I felt like writing words and these are the words that I’ve come up with.

Anyway, I think everyone should watch Liberty Arts. It’s an independent film with Josh Radnor (from HIMYM) and Elizabeth Olsen (the younger sister of the famous (infamous?) Olsen twins). I really enjoyed it. It’s not a fast paced movie or amazingly genius but it’s a good movie. It makes you stop and think.. it made me smile. Find your own ways and watch it.

I should have liked to take a writing course. I enjoy putting pen to paper or my fingers to the keyboard, if you can’t already tell. When the CoF books existed, I used to write and write and write pages in them. I used to write so many words in the worn out diaries I’ve kept along the years. I used to blog fairly often and ramble on and on, like I’m doing right now. I wish I had the chance to expand on that love of mine.

It is nearing 3am and I think I should go to bed now. I will save this file and post it up.. well, when you see it.

If you’re wondering, I still have more to say. I just think it would be wise for me to stop.


last night

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