And that is not just my way of saying I love blogs. It’s an actual tool that you can use to follow all the blogs that you… follow. I enjoy reading blogs that are not my own and I’ve recently stumbled on this extension that notifies you when the blogs you follow have a new update. I find it useful because of the sporadic nature of certain blogs. It’s a waste to type in someone’s blog address only to find that there has been nothing new on it since the last time you were there. This way, whenever there’s something to be read, I’m given a notification on an icon at the top right hand corner of Google Chrome (I think you can install it on Mozilla and IE too. I think.)

Another good feature about using this is that you can LIKE your favourite blog posts in case you can’t read them at that moment or you’d like to refer to them in the future. It’s like Tumblr but not at the same time. Here’a the link if you want to use it: Bloglovin’


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