I’m a scaredy-cat, that’s for sure. You see, my brother told me that there might be a demon inhabiting my room because my voice mutated into someone elses’s in an audio recording I was doing. It scared the heck out of me last night. I never should have told him because now, I can’t sleep in my room so I’m sleeping on my parents’s bedroom floor. Points for Grace? Anyone? And here I thought I’d have the guts to be a pathologist. Hmph.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking that blogging here is a good thing. I may have been a tad bit saner when I was blogging on an-almost-daily-basis. I enjoy writing. I have no willpower or patience to write fiction but I have the capability to write during short bursts of inspiration. Writing is something I can do, whether or not I do it well is a whole other matter altogether.

I bumped into a friend’s family today sans friend. It was awkward-ish but alright. I’m sure her family must have told her by now. Or at the very least mentioned it. My parents and I went for dinner (Aaron is not well. But well enough to scare me and watch Lord of the Rings after killing zombies on the computer) at this place and lo and behold, the three of them were there too. I am not that well acquainted with this friend’s family. The longest conversation I’ve ever had with any of them was with the friend’s mother that one time she called me about 4  years ago (wow, it has been that long). Her mom came over to say hello and was very cordial. I wish I had more guts to go over to their family first but I have no heart of a lion; mine’s a human and as flawed as it can be.

Funny how life throws the most random people your way, no?

About a whole week ago, I bumped into 3 girls that were my juniors in school. Oh the small talk was painfully short and iffy. I am not a good talker when it comes to people I never did connect with. It was all “oh, what are you doing now? A-levels? I see.” and nothing else. I have no gift of the gab. I only thought I did a long while back but nope, not in real life.

How does one approach people they used to know? ; the people who were usually background characters in the years gone by. I never did imagine a circumstance wherein I would have to socialise with them without a mediator or a kindred spirit or comfortable situation. Is there a class I could take for these sorts of situations? Or was there one, and what was I so occupied with that I missed it?

Then, I do this thing where I mull over what I could have said and should have said.. how I should have acted. All that thought process is for naught when you think about it. Is it likely that I should end up in the same circumstances? Probably not. Will this prepare me for future unwelcome encounters? Unlikely. (Fun fact: unwelcomeD is not a word!)

But when I think about dinner tonight or that meeting a week ago, I can’t help but wish that I had been a different person to begin with, hence, allowing the conversation to flow far better than it did. Oh well.

And, good luck not dying tonight. We didn’t last night so maybe the apocalypse was scheduled for this evening.



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