Access Denied

Does anyone have problems with usernames and passwords? I do.

I have had a whole bunch of passwords since I first created my email account. I don’t remember all of them unfortunately. But I’ve had silly ones I’m sure. When I was much younger, about 8 years ago or so, I was very much into anime and so, I had an email account with a Japanese name. In fact, I had two. I kept changing my mind. I stopped using them soon after. I never did have an email address with colours as part of my the username. Nor did I ever use colours as my password. I did once, use a boy’s name (because I had this ridiculous crush on him) as my password but I discarded that email address too (it was ‘ravensomething’ or ‘somethingraven’, after the bird. Or a character from some show).

One of my email addresses now, I currently have three (one for school [as made necessary by their regulations], one for my long forsaken Windows Live Messenger and one that I use the most). The one for Windows Live is not a real name or a real word. I was trying my best to come up with an email address that required no numbers because I’ve always hated numbers in email addresses, and all the names of characters from fantasy novels I assumed no one ever read (clearly, people did which is why those names were taken when I tried to register with them) were not available without those digits. It’s ‘sventarius’ if you want to know, and it means absolutely nothing. I think it would be pronounce ‘Sven (as in a the Norwegian sounding name)-tear-ius’. That’s how Aaron pronounces it anyway.

The school one is computer generated so it’s my first inital and a couple of letters from my last name and (TRAGICALLY!) a number. My most used one is the same username I have for WP, so it’s convenient, because it is, after all, my name.

My passwords however have been topysy-turvy. Because of the system in university, where you have to change your password to login to the school’s computer system every few months, I often forget what my passwords are. I used the one I used for all my email addresses … then I had to change it. So I made up another one. Then when it came time to change it, I changed it back to the first one only to get confused the next time I attempted to login because I forgot that I had changed it back.

And then, there’s this ridiculous compulsion I had to change the password to my email because I felt like I was undeserving of the last password (let’s not get into the details of that). SO, I currently have 2 separate passwords for 3 emails, and 2 separate passwords for Tumblr, WP and FB. But here’s the clincher. I use 2 emails for all the 3 sites but I switched the passwords for both of them when it comes to logging into the sites.

I’m pretty sure I confused you by now.

In a way, I guess it’s a great security system as long as I remember my passwords. It’s only irritating when I have to click RESET PASSWORD because I forgot the last one.

Then, I’m confronted with the “Security Question” whose answer I’ve completely forgotten.


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