I made a voice recording today.

And I listened to it.

And that was how I died.


Okay, seriously, does everyone sound like crap on voice recordings or is it just me? I could hear my ethnicity bleed through. And the tones I’ve only ever heard on TV. I sound like a complete mash-up of everything bad in the universe. I am not exaggerating. If I was, I would have said I sounded like the demons in The Exorcist. In fact, they kinda had a better tone than I did.

I didn’t know how awful I sounded. I apologise if I have ever spoken to you. I really do. I’m going to learn to shut up.


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  1. Don’t worry about it – I used to do work experience at my local radio station, and I cringed whenever I heard my voice on the air. If you’re not used to hearing sound recordings of yourself it’s always going to sound a bit weird, just because it’s not how you normally hear yourself. I think you sound fine!


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