Seriously though, my fears at 44 minutes past midnight are not without any basis okay?

Lexy scored 85% as an average. I’m not even close to an 8-anything. But she’s given me advice and I shall follow it. I don’t want Year 2 to be bad like this year was, especially if I’m blessed enough to make it to Year 2.

So, in the next couple of months, especially the next 20 plus days, I’m going to study hard to play catch up and to prepare for the off-chance that I have to retake the exams. I think I shall be really good friends with my Clinically Oriented Anatomy by the time 2013 arrives. I really hope I can progress to Year 2. Say a prayer for me?

I have this ridiculous personality complex that makes me want to be an Honours Student but I don’t want to work hard. It’s so dumb right? Damn it. I have to work hard.

Yes, pray for the unfortunate girl who’d typed this. I need them.



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