I was just thinking of this theory that the late Steven Covey mentioned, about how there’s this imaginary circle known as the Circle of Control which is surrounded by a larger area called the Circle of No Control. As their names clearly state, things within the Circle of Control are under your control like whether or not you decide to do your homework or what you have for dinner; you decide what happens while the things outside of the circle are things that you have no power over like how people react or whether or not your boss decides to give you a promotion.

I like to mull about the Circle of No Control. I know it’s not a good place to be in and yet I sit there a lot. My mother would say I get distracted far too easily and that is the absolute truth. I cannot help that my brain runs away with my imagination. I had so many dreams and things I wanted to achieve earlier this year but I’m simply here being sucky.

One month to exams and I’m in square one. I must be more productive this weekend. I must.


I was thinking

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