I was never enough, never enough, never enough

But I can try to toughen up.

Change is Hard, She&Him

I was going to write something depressing because I have been feeling down today. But a friend came by today to drop off a few books and a present for my birthday (thank you Nina, I do appreciate it), and she looked so tired that I instantly felt bad for feeling lousy. She’s probably having it worse than me with the way her course is run, yet, here I am, feeling as though the world revolves around me. I need to suck it up and wipe my brain clean of all the rubbish. I will master this, I must.

I have an exam on the 29th of October. How many days does that leave me with? After the written exam, we have an OSCE (which is a practical skills exam) for 2 days in November then I am free for four months. I have yet to figure out what to do with my time. Four months. Maybe I’ll climb a mountain. HAH, now that’s unlikely. We have a Med Prom after exams, but being me, I won’t go.

Just over a month left and I’m done with my First Year of medical school. Boy, does time pass!


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