Tumblr is good for something

Yes, shock-horror, I’m talking about Tumblr outside of Tumblr, which is a huge faux pas.

But after the hours spent in front of the computer, the blue screen reflecting back at me, I’ve realised that this website is good for something. Apart from giving me a PhD in Procrastination and a bunch of friends I can actually talk to about ridiculous things, I stumbled upon this blog:


It’s a doctor’s blog where  he talks about medical school and the practice of medicine in general. It’s not a serious-type blog. In fact, he’s pretty ridiculous and talks like a normal human being.

I was actually Google-ing “How to survive medical school” (yes, woe be me) when his blog popped up. And I did kinda get my answer. So here’s his ultimate resources page on it: FAQ should you be interested in reading what advice I’m going to take.

To friends who are about to start their journey or have recently starteed into medical school or university in general, ALL THE BEST. You’re going to need it, believe me.

Edit: Here are another two blogs that may interest medical students out there

Hart M.D.

The Not Quite Doctor



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