It’s 4.49am on Friday and I am awake because I have not gone to bed. Is that weird?

My brain has decided that it wants to stay awake and the rest of me has obliged to stay awake. My right arm hurts so the pain is also preventing me from my slumber. This was the first week back from the one week break and the week before exams. Did anything significant happen this week?

Well, apart from my complete meltdown on Monday night, which led to a late Monday night/early morning sleep on Tuesday nothing really. Except a friend of mine has decided to quit medical school to pursue architecture. Yes, it is a peculiar change from something so radically science based to the other end of the spectrum. But she decided that being a doctor is not what she wanted in the long run. So, more power to her for quitting while she could.

Another friend is seeking direction in life and I only wish I could help her. But really, I can’t do anything until she decides to fix herself and her outlook. Change is driven from within, no?


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