in 200 words

Sidebar: I was scrolling down the posts in this blog and I realise most have been quite mundane and similar in tone. So, what’s a girl to do but to look up Writing Prompts which led me to this website: I’ve decided to go with Number 22 today: In 200 words, write about your first toy. 

My father bought me Tina when I was slightly over a year old, or so I’m told. She had blonde hair and a flower patterned dress. She was one of those dolls whose eyes would open and close depending on how you positioned her. She was a pretty doll, the standard doll little girls had. 

I hardly ever played with Tina.

In fact, I avoided her like the plague. You see, my uncle told me that Tina was actually a monster-doll that wanted to eat children. With hindsight, I know how stupid that sounds but when you’re that young and you’re absolutely trusting of your elders, you wouldn’t play with Tina either. I remember picking her up when I was 2 and switching her dress with Minnie Mouse’s (because I wanted Minnie to wear a different dress) and thinking that my uncle was probably lying. Yet, why take the risk right?

The tale of Tina the monster-doll has been one that’s been passed down from cousin to cousin by my uncle. I only found this out when I went back for Christmas about 5 years ago to hear one of my cousins talking about her. The “Tina” concept was no longer restricted to my blonde doll but to a figment of the imaginations of my cousins, planted there by the same uncle. When one of my older cousins got married to a lady named Justina A.K.A. “Tina”, that same kid cousin of mine looked at her seriously and said “since you’re marrying Manong Ryan, you shouldn’t eat children anymore.” Imagine how shocked she was and how the rest of us laughed.

Well, I think that’s slightly over 200 words. 


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