reporting back

My actual birthday did not start great. Not because no one wished me Happy Birthday except for Suan Li and Mel; I didn’t mind that since I don’t adverstise my birthday, but because of how taxing it was.

Firstly, we started class at 8am only to find out that the lecturer couldn’t make it. My next lecture was at 11am so I had those hours of waiting in the library when I could have been sleeping at home. Class was suppose to end at 4.30 but got pushed to 5.30 (and mind you, it went over that) because the same lecturer decided last minute that she would gives us the lecture at 4.30pm. Classes ended at 5.50pm much to my annoyance. Then, it took an hour to reach home because the traffic was horrendous.

My mother whipped up a nice dinner and bought a cake that I did not request. My uncle braved a 3 hour traffic jam to come for my birthday dinner and bought me a lamp (I like lamps. sue me. it was a really cool lamp that has 3 levels of brightness that you change with a tap on it’s side. A TAP, not a switch or anything else). Aaron was extremely thoughtful and got me Love Never Dies and POTO- the 25th Anniversary performance (which I cannot really watch because it reduces me to tears. I shall wait for M-square to come over so she can watch me cry). But really, the best gift I got was from my best friend who recorded a video of herself singing One Thing by One Direction (she told me she could play that on guitar a few days earlier so I told her I couldn’t wait to hear her play) and transformed her Facebook page to “Tom Hiddleston Central” because I said I wanted him for my birthday. That’s probably one of the nicest things, if not the nicest thing, anyone has ever done for me. So, Melanie, THANK YOU.

Yesterday was another surprise for me. As I may have mentioned before, I’m a month into the second semester and I’ve been placed in a new tutorial group. They, like my actual close friends in medical school, didn’t know it was my birthday on Wednesday but some how found time to plan and get me a birthday cake yesterday. I did not expect it at all, especially since we were all just getting used to each other’s company. I’m grateful and honoured to have people who bother to surprise you, they genuinely caught me off guard. I’ll always remember that.

So yes, my birthday has not been that crappy. I may have been feeling like crap on Tuesday night and most of Wednesday but being 20 has been alright. Thank you to those of you reading this that may have wished me a Happy Birthday; I kinda got it.


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