In an exercise during a Suicide Watch Class Health Enchancement Program lecture, the doctor asked each of us to think of 3 things that make us happy. I couldn’t at that moment but I can think of one thing right now: DELETE.

It’s such a fantastic word isn’t it? Delete. That is one thing I really like about being online, everything can be deleted. Well, almost everything. It’s such a wonderful feeling knowing that if you wanted to take something back, you probably could. (even emails, if you’re Abby Sciuto) I do that sometimes. I go back to the archives (well, not on this blog anyway) and delete posts that I can’t believe were there to begin with. I can delete a comment if I don’t like it a few seconds after I post it. I can delete an account because I abused it. It’s so easy to click ‘delete’.

No, in real life, there is no DELETE button. If we only had keyboards that let us ‘Backspace’, we’d all be running in circles. In real life, we have to be more careful about who we hurt and how we act, which makes it less fun than being a couple of codes on the internet.

But we have the opportunity to hit the REFRESH button in life, the chance to start again. It’s called “tomorrow”. Because even though what you do today may come and bite you in the butt, you can change it tomorrow. You can make amends tomorrow. You have a clean slate. Today is done with. You may not be able to delete the things you want but you can keep them in a folder that you never open (a.k.a. a highly encrypted one which will release all sorts of software eating bugs should anyone try to take a crack at it). It’s nice to know that the windows are always clean the next morning.

Just don’t muck them up again.


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