I have come to understand how short life is, really. My brother’s friend’s mother passed away from cancer a few days ago and this morning, I got news that a cousin of mine passed away yesterday. Now, that puts a lot of things in perspective doesn’t it?

In the past few weeks since class has started I’ve realised that I don’t love myself enough. Not in the narcissistic sort of way but, I’ve realised that I don’t care enough to take care of myself, like I should be doing. I’ve been living as though everything was outside my circle of control. It’s not always the case. There are so many things that I can fix that I’m not satisfied about. It just takes more effort. Be it studies or relationships, I’m in charge of that. I am in charge of my reaction. I’m in charge of how I look and how I act. I just haven’t been bothered. It’s not hard to take the effort to live your life the way you want to, you know.

It’s not worth dragging your feet on anything. Life is so short. It’s really short.


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