guide to NOT studying

So this weekend, I’m in Tawau, my mom’s hometown and by default, mine. The most studying I’ve done this weekend was on the plane ride here yesterday. It’s 5pm on a Sunday and I’m so sleepy. I just woke up from a nap that I needed but still should not have taken because God knows, I need to study. I am so glad tomorrow is a holiday so I can kinda get a bit more reading done on the flight back and when we touch down in K.L.. (although, we’d be busy cleaning the house from the mess that the dogs would have made while we’re away.

I wish I could focus more while I’m here but sadly that isn’t really an option. Being back here just feels likes it’s Christmas and I go into UNstudy mode. I’m attempying to cover some anatomy now. Hope it works. Wish me luck.


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