No I didn’t die

So this is where I post pictures from my camera.

This was Aaron’s birthday cake. It says “GERONIMO! Happy 23rd Birthday”. I requested that message because Doctor Who needs to be quoted whenever possible.
This is Tiny, with the Ribena doll that she beat Max for.

So what did I do this week? Apart from the Suits marathon that I’ve been on, I painted my room. It was a 4 day project I guess. Not really 4 days.. 3 days I think. I got all the materials on Monday. Then did this (refer to picture below) on Tuesday.

Lord knows that my walls needed a new coat of paint.

You see my tiny tiny room is adjacent to the bathroom on the 1st floor of my house. This unfortunately means that somehow the plumbing isn’t well done causing water to leak into the wall that divides the bathroom from my room. Basically, the paint was peeling in an unsightly manner. I clean that corner of my room on a weekly basis because of the white flakes. I decided to FINALLY repaint the whole wall to get it over with. So, armed with a little scraper, off went the chips.

Since I was doing up one wall, WHY NOT PAINT THE REST? So I ended up sandpaper-ing all the walls and filling in the holes in the walls (yes there were many. I’m handy with a nail and hammer, sue me). Papering the floor came next:

On Wednesday, I didn’t do much. Melanie and I watched The Amazing Spider-Man (the second time for me) and I got to see Setan, her new bunny. It’s huge. Well, bigger than Max. I painted one wall white only to find that I didn’t have enough paint. We bought white paint the next day. Anyway, I ended up watching 101 Dalmations while painting. I blame Lydia for this. She posted a video of Rodger singing Cruella De Vil on her blog because she adores him, which I watched. Now I’m hopelessly in love with a fictional character. I’m serious, though, you can watch this and see how adorable these two are:

If you have not watched 101 Dalmations in ages, I recommend that you look it up on YouTube. When you’re much older, you see the movie in a completely different way.

On Friday I painted the one wall coral, or the closest shade to coral I could find. (fine, it’s more pink than I intended):

Can you see where I accidentally painted the ceiling? I forgot to tape the top of the wall. I had to wait till the first coat dried before putting on the masking tape.
That’s how the room kinda looks like. I’m not taking a full photo of the room. It’s small. Like supremely small.

Today, I participated in a public health screening drive we did in a certain apartment area. Being a first year, I only got to do usher work and calculated the BMI of the people. Here’s us:

This picture isn’t from my camera though. Stolen from Facebook. 🙂

And that’s how I spent my second last week of holidays.


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