I got asked a few days ago “So, you don’t watch anime anymore huh?”. Funny how that came up in conversation. Yes, I stopped watching anime in what, Form 4- Form 5? My interest in that changed a long time ago because in some ways, I grew out of it. (Side note, if you didn’t know that all those years ago, clearly you this friendship had it’s problems for a long time.)

I’m not saying that anime is for children because we all know that some story lines can be deep and more meaningful than any children targeted book could ever be. I don’t know why I stopped really. I just started enjoying other things more; material with real people acting and more relatable story lines (or even those which are a little grounded though they (literally) go flying into space). That’s how I ‘grew up’ and left that part of my teen years behind.

My mother brought up my first day in secondary school today, over breakfast. She said that while waiting to pay my school fees, she remembers seeing people I later befriended being ‘loud’ and ‘happy’. I remember that day quite differently; every time I start in a new place, a completely new place, I sit by myself and wander around alone. I don’t make friends easily, or as easily as some people.

But in A-levels, though I did do my loner act for the first few days, I didn’t feel as sad. Or as alone. In university, I was lucky enough to know a few people when I stepped into the place, so I didn’t have to do that dance again. Funny how “first day experiences” change too, as we age.

Okay. I don’t know where I’m going with this.


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