in which I use way too much imagery

picture by Jofel Tobias

I understand now, why things end. I understand why some relationships don’t last. We grow up and we make different choices. We stand on the opposite side of the fence on things and sometimes, that fence is just way too high. I guess it’s about being willing to whisper through the peep holes and hoping that the other side will do the same. It’s not about compromising who you are or what you believe in, it’s about acknowledging that the other person feels differently and side-stepping that. The pieces can never be whole again but if you’re willing to accept the cracks in the plate, you can move on.

I’ve been so afraid of losing friendships. i still think of the friendships I lost. I still am afraid that I’ll wake up and realise that I am friend-less. But that’s how it goes right? That’s why some people demote you from ‘best friend’ status to ‘friend/acquaintance’. I’m sorry that I didn’t understand that before but I get it now. It’s alright that we’re differently people. I understand that it’s tough to try. But when you try or if you try, I understand that it’s not ever going to be the same way it was before because let’s face it, we’ve chose our paths in life and we chart our own course. If they intersect, well and good.


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