There was a question posed to me yesterday by a friend of mine: what do you want to be?

What he meant was what do you want to specialise in? And the funny thing is, I’ve been considering going into paediatrics. I know, it’s strange coming from me. I have always said that I don’t like kids or couldn’t handle kids. But that’s not exactly true. I’ve been the one looking after the younger ones when it comes to family reunions, and I dare say I make good company. Perhaps my initial reservation was because I didn’t have a younger sibling to ‘practice’ on. But I think this is something I should consider. perhaps neo-natal work too. You know how fragile those babies look? I’ve always felt drawn to kids like that, I want to champion those babies. I want to be there to tell parents not to give up.

Does this mean that I’m not considering pathology? No, I still am. I’m also considering going into neurology because the brain is a fantastic organ. But being where I am and growing up, I am just thinking of possibilities. I have years ahead of me; I won’t be surprised if I come out wanting to do something completely different.


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