what i have gained from medical school so far

1. Watch your back
I have a friend in my group (because we’re asigned to groups for tutorials) who’s a little bitchy picky. I know I’m the Queen of Judgmental People but I have the courtesy of keeping my mouth shut and fake-smiling, or at least trying my best to overcome my initial annoyance. He doesn’t (yes it’s a ‘he’). When it comes to being mean, you don’t want to mess with him. Lucky for me, I can bite back when I’m targeted or I shrug it off. But I have a really, really naive friend who’s always the butt of his jokes. The poor girl is really slow on the uptake sometimes and says things that crack everyone up, but I know she genuinely is confused. Sure, laugh when she says something silly, don’t get petty.

When it comes to friends who are super petty, you have to watch your back. He may be nice to your face or mean to your face, but when you’re not around, the bullets fly and the claws come out. I dread to think what he says about me. Oh well.

2. Some people can’t be changed.
There’s this other guy in my group who’s a “fighter”. I mean “literally” a fighter. And he’s a little full of himself (I say this with full knowledge that I too, have an inflated ego). If you dare to say something against him or comment about what he did or did not do, his face changes and he gets really pissed, really fast. I guess that stems from a childhood-bully-victim syndrome that he has but this is the ‘grown up world’; if you’re going to be bitter and resentful, at least fake a smile.

3. Slacking is not an option
Believe me, the minute you slack, you’re left far behind. You get so close to crying in the lecture hall when everyone is far ahead of you.

4. Study groups are important
For the first time in my life, I’m investing in a study group. It’s just the three of us and we’re just starting this week but hey, better late than never right? Medicine is something you have to keep talking and practicing; once you stop, your brain dies.

5. Personal problems need to be checked at the door
I have a hard time with that. With a couple of things weighing on my mind, I get completely detached from classes. That’s not healthy, especially when you’re already lagging behind. I’ve got to work on that.. being mindful when I am doing something.

I have 4 weeks till my end of semester exam. The mid semester exam results should be out this week. I know where I’m weak so I don’t really need to know my marks. But, heck, getting results is always an extra boost right?

Oh, this Tuesday, I’m going to learn how to teach someone how to use a condom. Isn’t this great?


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