aprily – no idea what to type here tbh-

So I haven’t written something in a few weeks so I decided to now.

Medical School started again this week so the joy of having the break was broken. :/ What has been going on lately? Nothing much really. Just the usual classes and the usual workload.

We have these classes under HEP (Health Enhancement Program, which I like to call “suicide watch”) starting this week. Like I have said so many times before, suicide rate and depression rate is high among medical personnel. We just had a resident commit suicide a few weeks ago right? So, HEP is suppose to make sure we take care of OURSELVES in the midst of the studies. It was a nice class actually. Time to reflect on how screwed-up you are and taking steps to realise that. So shockingly, I’m screwed up. hah.

Well apart from that we had a First Aid Exam today which wasn’t that tough. If we messed up, they corrected us and I’m guessing no one failed. It was done by SJAM (St. John’s Ambulance Malaysia). The guy who ‘examined’ my CPR techniques asked me if I would consider returning to SJAM anytime soon. I honestly am considering it. I mean, what the heck right? Once a first aider, always a first aider. hahaha.


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