Day 19 – Favorite book turned into a movie

I have to go with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. The movie version would be Tim Burton’s 2006 production only because I have yet to watch the original.

I have to say that Tim Burton is one of my favourite directors. Although he seems to enjoy putting his two favourite actors (best friend and godfather to his children, Johnny Depp and his partner (gosh marry her already) Helena Bonham Carter) in everything he makes, his work tends to be brilliantly done. Of course credit goes to the writers of the scripts but I’ve learned that the directors play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of an adaptation.

Yes, there were a few things in this movie that were rather different from the books (ie: each child could bring their parentS and the ending was completely bonkers) but the music score was wonderful. Danny Elfman (who tends to team up with Burton a lot too) did the composing and made one of the best soundtracks known to mankind. I dare say everyone liked at least one song from the movie; my personal favourite is Augustus Gloop.

Roald Dahl’s psychedelic way of seeing things and Tim Burton’s “quirky” eye for costumes and colours mashed very well with each other. This is a movie that I’ve rewatched a few times.


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