this Lent

Lent comes to an end today.
Did I use it well? Honestly I think this Lent has really been a time for reflection and self discovery for me. I learned things about myself that I think came at the right time.

Apart from being a time of sacrifice and devotion to God, Lent is 40 days of discipline. People give up meat, chocolate, TV, the Internet, the escalator just to show that they’re going the extra mile for the next 40 days. Did I do that? Sadly no. I botched most of the past month. Lent started when I went to Transition Camp. I was unhappy, I was mad and I was simply bitter about being where I was. The weeks passed and I kept complaining and blaming others. I didn’t put in the effort that was required, I was too busy being concerned with my own issues and most of all, I forgot to pray. Or I prayed for the wrong stuff.

But the last 40 days have showed me that I am simply human and with that,I make the biggest mistakes. I thought I knew what I wanted, I thought I knew best but I was wrong. I was dead wrong.

So Lent ends tonight. What have I learned? TRUST. Trust that God knows what He’s doing. Trust that you’re where you should be. Trust in yourself.

Have a blessed Easter.


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