How do I

Have you been in a bad relationship and just wanted out? You just want to scream and break up and leave and never come back and feel nothing when you overuse the word ‘and’.

Well my boyfriend and I are a dysfunctional pair. I hate him but I keep coming back. Does that make sense to anyone? He’s a drug I can’t quit. I wish I knew how. There are days when I am strong enough to step away and run but I keep finding my way back to his door. I wish I knew how to end it.


If you know me, you’d know that the only ‘man’ in my life is Mr. Procrastination. We go way back. (Did you believe that I had a boyfriend for a second there?) If only I had the skills to take control of everything. I realised too late that I’m at the right spot. Had I known sooner, things would be so different. I’m going for an exam on Monday with my head half empty.

I’ve given up on that, in a way. I’m just to see what I can pour into my head before then and just babble on the paper. It’s only 5% (yeah right. That 5% could mean the difference between a good grade and an average or bad one). But I guess that at least now, I know that this is where I could stay. This kinda fits now. Kinda. Well, at least I know the other thing is no longer an option I could live with.

Mr. P, you and I are going to have words. For now, let me cry.


One thought on “How do I

  1. No duh, if you got a boyfriend I’d be the first to know about him… right? O___O” But good luck for your test! Love you lots. Will probably catch you online tomorrow or something.


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