the power of persuasion

Well we’ve been having lectures from different people in the medical field and a lawyer this week and here’s something I’ve noticed: people are easily impressed.

When we had an orthopedic surgeon come teach us about bones and muscles, there were quite a few people who wanted to go into ortho. When we had a maxillofacial-reconstructive surgeon yesterday, plastics looked really awesome. When we had this really impressive lawyer come teach us medical law, a bunch of us (me included) went “to hell with med school, let’s be lawyers.” See how malleable our minds are?

I guess what’s important is realising the reality after that. I could never be a lawyer, I’m more of a factual person, not a master of words. Ortho or plastics? I don’t know yet. I’m still a baby in this so things aren’t always so black and white.

I’m feeling a little better today after hearing a story about a first year med student who had a mental breakdown. I seriously doubt that I’m the only one going through this awful phase so I think that story that our med-psychology teacher brought up was aimed at us. The basic advice of prioritising and having a timetable may seem basic but hearing it as indirect advice is always extremely helpful. So, yes, I’m better. Less crazy. Kinda.

First aid class tomorrow and 3 presentations next week. ><


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