a thought

So I listened to a talk Mark Hart gave at XLT online and here’s something he said that struck me: Our Divine Rabbit’s Foot.

I don’t know if you have done that but I’m pretty guilty of treating God like a Diver Rabbit’s Foot. You know what a rabbit’s foot is right? It’s suppose to bring you good luck. I’m very guilty of just running to God when I need help before an exam or when I’m down or when I want something; after I get it or when I don’t need ‘help’ so to speak, I just put Him back on the shelf. I treat God like a “Use in Cases of Emergency”.

That’s just wrong. That’s sick. I hate being used. I hate it when friends call up out of the blue, people who have not spoken to you in a long time pop up, and ask “Can you do something for me?”. It irks me. Who are you to ask me for something when you don’t keep in touch? Who are you to ask me for something when you could care less about building our relationship.

Imagine how God must feel. So many voices crying out from Earth with demands, people asking to be saved, to be helped but hardly ever a word of thanks or an apology or just a simple hello. It’s a messed up relationship I have with Him. He gives and I take. You know the best part? He doesn’t complain. He keeps giving if you ask. He keeps providing when you’re broken. He’s there, always, whether you ask or not. We are so loved by Him.. we don’t deserve it.

So here’s my point: Take time out every day to talk to God whether or not you need to be comforted or you need Him to help you with something. Take time out to just say “Thank you for letting me live. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for everything you have given me.” We love being thanked and being noticed by those in our lives. You don’t need to be thanked but it does feel good right?

Talk to the Big Man Upstairs. He deserves everything you’ve got.


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