you know people always say that ‘money isn’t everything’ but that’s simply not true. Money isn’t everything but most of the time, in most circumstances, it can do everything.

Can it buy you affection? Sure. Can it buy you loyalty? Sure. Can it get you an education? Yes.
It’s often said in rebuttal to “money is everything” that you can’t buy true love or true loyalty but it all depends on the person. If you use money wrongly, basically you’re screwed. If you’re Ebeneezer Scrooge (pre-Christmas ghosts) no one will love you or like you. But if you’re Daddy Warbucks (post Annie) you’d be well loved and appreciated.

Tell the student who wants to go to university that money isn’t everything.
Tell the single mother who’s struggling to get by that money isn’t everything.
Tell the school unable to provide their students with computers that money isn’t everything.

Money can do so much. It all depends on you.

When you become a parent, keep that in mind. Money can do so much for your kid. I know, it’s cliche to say that you need to save but believe me, one day, all that money kept away will do a whole lot to change someone’s life.


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