my author obession

I just put down “Keeping the Moon” and something struck me: Remember last week, when I went on and on about how glad I was that finally bough most of Sarah Dessen’s books? Do you know why?

It’s because her books speak to the soul. There are many books which take you on a trip to a different place, to a different time, to a different way of life, which is all good in it’s own way; I adore many fantasy books such as Terry Pratchett’s work and David Eddings. But sometimes you just need a book that makes you reflect on yourself. Sometimes, you need characters which resonate with who you are and where you are in real life.

Sarah Dessen does that very well, for girls at least. When I read her work, I feel like I’m watching someone’s life and relating to almost every struggle. It’s as though I know the lead character in person. You see, she writes very much like Ann Brashares or Lucy Maud Montgomery does; she writes how 15/16/17 year old girls think. She manages to reach out to girls because she writes about the same issues or insecurities that every girl (well, most girls then, as to say ‘every’ would be a sweeping generalisation) faces at one point or continuously throughout her life.

The one theme I must say, that is the thread linking all the stories together is the motivation “to keep on trying/never giving up”. We all face that in life; I myself find that I over plan my life only to find that nothing ever works out the way you want it to. Do you ever read those self-help books where this person plans “I want to go HERE and be THIS WAY by the time I’m THIS AGE”? I guess those people are extraordinary to have that willpower and strength to truly reach their goals. In life however, only some things can be planned. Most of everything else is up in the air. You will have experiences that change you, hopefully for the better. Most of Sarah Dessen’s girls do that. They have moments when they learn to let go and to truly ‘live’.

I want to be able to do that. I want to be able to not over-think everything. I strive to be like the girls I read about; the ones who learn to keep trying and to keep being present. I know I have plans on how I will live my life but I think I’ll put those down for now, or maybe even permanently. Who’s to say where I’ll be in 5 years or maybe 10 years? Who’s to say where I’ll die or when I’ll die? All I should do is live by my principles and trust in God. I’m not saying that I’m quitting on planning out my goals and dreams. I’m just going to put all that into my studies and not my personal life because, I really cannot plan on what I will feel or experience.

If you’re a girl (or a guy open to reading a very ‘girl-targeted’ book) you can borrow any of the books I own. I don’t guarantee it but I’m pretty sure it’ll touch you in some way.


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